H and O Emigrate Documents Clearing LTD (referred as “H&O Immigration Services” or “H&O Immigration”) is committed to protect and respect your privacy as our user.

This Privacy Policy explains:

  • When we collect personal information,
  • How we use your personal data,
  • Who do we collect personal data from,
  • What rights do you have to your personal data,
  • How we keep your information secure,
  • Whether we use cookies, and
  • Third-party Disclosure

This Privacy Policy applies to:

  • All of Products,
  • Online-marketing,
  • Telemarketing,
  • Customer service, and
  • Customer contract fulfillment activities

1.When do we collect Personal information about you?

H&O Immigration collects you personal data when you:

-Sign up with us,

-Interact with us either in person, or via,

  • Phone calls,
  • Emails,
  • Our website and
  • Social media platforms; and/or
  • Cookies.

-We do not collect credit card information. The payment is made by the client in-person.

2.How do we use your Personal information?

H&O Immigration Services may collect your personal information for any of the following reasons: -Marketing Communications between User and H&O Immigration. This applies only if you have accepted to the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of H&O Immigration, when you sign up to receive information on the following:

  • Products & Services,
  • Events &promotions, and
  • Activities
  • Provide Personalized User experience to allow us to deliver Products and a Website that are more specific to your needs/interests.
  • Provide an optimized customer service when you request assistance
  • Perform contractual obligations like order confirmations, reminders, invoices, follow-up requests
  • To ask for ratings and reviews from clients
  • To administer a contest, promotion, survey or other activities.

3.Who do we collect Personal information from?

  • We collect personal data from:
  • Our customers,
  • Suppliers,
  • Subcontractors,
  • Partners, and
  • Sponsors

4.What rights do you have to your personal data?

  • H&O Immigration only collects your personal information with your consent through the use of “Consent Forms”. Any information that you give us permission to collect will be securely stored in our system.
  • H&O Immigration gathers your personal data with legitimate interest. The User will always be informed of his/her privacy and the purpose of data collection via the use of “Consent Forms”
  • The User can request an electronic copy of their personal data form
  • The User can change/modify their personal information, if it is inaccurate or out of date
  • The User can request to delete their data from H&O Immigration’s server
  • The User can unsubscribe from our services or suspend your account, in order to stop receiving future emails from us. And we will promptly remove them from ALL correspondences.

5.How we keep your information secure?

  • Any purchases made through our online gateway portal, which required you to enter sensitive data, will be encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and not stored or processed in our server.
  • The User’s persona details are contained and protected by advanced firewall system and is only accessible to a limited number of people, who have special access rights. This system enables the protection of the user’s personal data from unlawful alterations, destruction and accidental loss.
  • H&O Immigration’s website is scanned regularly for malware, security holes and known vulnerabilities in an attempt to make your visit as safe as possible.
  • H&O Immigration has put extensive security measures in place to minimize any risk to your personal information. In the event that there is a breach to the sensitive data, you will be informed as soon as possible, through one of your preferred communication channels (E-mail, Phone call or SMS).
  • H&O Immigration’s websites contains links to many other sites and social media platforms. Please be advised to read the privacy policies of each of these website as they might be different from ours.

6. Do we use “Cookies”?

  • H&O Immigration does use cookies to collect data when the User interacts with the website.
  • H&O does not use cookies for tracking purposes, but to understand and save the User’s preferences for future site visits. The goal behind this is to enhance user experience by improving the efficiency and usability of the products and services offered by H&O Immigration.
  • The User always has the option to block cookies in their browser settings. However, please note that turning off the cookies will disable certain features of our website and hence some of our services will not function properly.

7. Third – party Disclosure

  • In the event H&O Immigration requires your personal information to be processed by a third-party, your consent must be given beforehand.
  • We may need to pass your information to our agents, subcontractors, associated organization and/or government-bodies (like IRCC) and its affiliated organizations to process your information on your behalf.
  • Please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of H&O Immigration’s third party providers.
  • Any information shared with the third party provider will follow the standards set in this Privacy Policy.


If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us using the information below:
Email: enquiry@hno.ae
Phone: +971564090229

Preliminary Note

Please consider the following preliminary terms that constitute a major part of the Terms of Use and take note of the definitions in the Agreement. 1.For the purposes of this agreement, the person or corporation entity making use of H&O Immigration’s Website, Software and/or Products will be referred to as (“The User”). By using or visiting any of H and O Emigrate Documents Clearing LTD (“H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES”) websites, products/services and all applications, software (collectively referred to as “The Products”), you are acknowledging and declaring that H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES is a Limited Liability company and in no way represents or has any connection with government officials or immigration authorities of respective countries. Our website provides general information on various Immigration programs and should not be interpreted as legal advice. Should you require legal advice on any resettlement & citizenship matters, you must retain an authorized, regulated professional. If you would like to retain H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES for the legal assistance, contact us by email or phone. Prior to using our Website or Products, you or the third party representing you must read and agree with the terms and conditions enlisted in this Agreement. In the event the User does not agree with the Terms of Use, he/she may not visit or make use of any of H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES’ Products or Websites.


  • “H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES” or “H&O Immigration” refers to H and O Emigrate Documents Clearing LTD in Suite #310 Al Moosa Tower 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, P.O. Box 40977 and/or any of its subsidiaries, owners, divisions, consultants, partners, affiliates, directors, agents, employees, licensors or representatives.
  • H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES is the sole owner and operator of the Websites. “Website” refers to any and all contents, elements and the “look and feel” of the website available at the domain, https://hno.ae and all of the related websites, owned or managed by H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES.
  • “Products”, refer to the use of all Applications, software and any of the H&O Immigration -related services and products available through any of the websites, whether these are defined as Paid Products or any other H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES Products.
  • “Software”, refers to the registered web-based software of H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES.
  • “Agreement” or “Terms of Use”, refers to this document as may be modified, renewed and/or amended with time.
  • “Intellectual Property” refers to all rights connected to intellectual properties, including titles, interests, intangible legal rights, embodied in or evidenced by the user and/or any third party.


  • The User warrants and represents that he/she has legal authority to accept this Agreement on behalf of themselves and any person they represent, to make use of the information available on the H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES Website for personal purposes. They are bound without any limitation or qualification.
  • The User does not have any rights to download, modify, resell or commercially use H&O Immigration’s Products/Website, tools or its contents. The User, who is a citizen or resident of or located in any jurisdiction where such distribution, publication, availability or use would be contrary to law or regulation or which would subject H&O Immigration or its affiliates to any registration or licensing requirement within such jurisdiction. In accessing any section of the Website, the User agrees not to use this website in such a way that disrupts, interferes with or restricts the use of this website by other users; not to upload, display or transmit any materials through this website which are false, offensive, defamatory, threatening, obscene, unlawful or which infringe the rights of any other person anywhere in the world.
  • H&O Immigration reserves the rights at its own discretion and without any obligations, to add, modify or remove any features or functions or provide updates, to its Software, Agreement, Products or Website, at any time for any reason, without prior notice to the User.
  • Changes made to this Agreement will be effective upon posting and any continued usage of the H&O Immigration’s Website, Products or Software following such changes shall be interpreted as the User’s acceptance of such changes.
  • Eligibility Software Disclaimer: The User may use the Software to make a crude assessment of their eligibility to the different Canadian Immigration options available, given that the information they provide is true and accurate and that they can support it with relevant documents. However, the results obtained should not be used to arrange any immigration forms or letters on a professional basis or supporting documents.
  • The website of H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES may contain links to third party websites, such as, other entities or persons of the private and public sector that are subsequently not managed by H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES. The purpose behind these links is to provide information on Immigration related matters that might be of use to current or prospective clients. The links are provided only for ease of research and gathering information. H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES does not endorse or guarantee the content contained in such Websites, or guarantees its accuracy, timeliness or fitness for a particular purpose. Posting such links on the Website is not a promotion for the websites related to such links or the products, services and information included in the related websites and does not imply any link between the Company and the operators of the said websites. When you select any of these links, you will be subject to the terms and conditions of the owner/sponsor of the website. H&O Immigration takes no responsibility for the content or practices of third-party sites.
  • The User agrees and acknowledges that any fee they pay to H&O Immigration is for the submission and handling of the User’s application to cover the time and financial resources expended by H&O Immigration. Payments of retainer fees and all applicable charges to H&O Immigration, when applicable, must be made using a valid charge or credit card and/or other kinds of accepted payments as outlined on the Website. The card will be debited upon completion of transaction.


Any part of names, logos, graphics, buttons, images, icons, sounds, videos, source code, Products, and any Intellectual Property included in the same, including patents, copyrights (collectively referred as “The Trademarks”) displayed on this website are registered and/or unregistered trademarks of H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES or third parties that have rightfully permitted H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES to display on the Website. The Trademarks are considered proprietary materials of H&O Immigration and Intellectual Property and are under protection as such by any applicable laws governing this Agreement. The User shall not use any proprietary information of H&O Immigration, and no part of this Agreement, shall be construed as granting the User, by implication, or otherwise, any license or right to do so, and Any information on the Websites of H&O Immigration is protected by copyright: Copyright H&O Immigration Service. All rights reserved.


H&O Immigration holds the right, in order to collect funds owed to them by the User or to protect H&O Immigration’s rights such as good-name, intellectual property, privacy etc. to immediately bring legal proceedings against the User, in the User’s residency and according to the User’s residency applicable jurisdiction.


Refer to H&O Immigration’s Privacy Policy, which governs the use of information collected from or provided by the User.


No cancellation can be made once the Immigration Process has started


  • The User agrees and accepts that H&O Immigration, as well as its stakeholders (including, but not limited to consultants, employees, directors, owners, affiliates, divisions, subsidiaries, agents, suppliers, representatives) shall not have be responsible for any liability or damage (whether direct, indirect or consequential), personal injury or expense of any nature whatsoever which may be experienced by the user or any third party, as a result of their visit to the website, Products or Software of H&O Immigration or from their use by the User.
  • The user acknowledges and consents to access by the authorized representatives and individuals appointed by them, to personal information and documents submitted to the H&O Immigration websites and/or servers. The authorized representatives, under this Agreement, may assess the qualifications of the user for an Immigration Program. These preliminary eligibility assessments do not represent a personal immigration advice and does not guarantee the issuance of Permanent Resident visa or other Immigration visa documents to the User.


  • A Refund Request will be valid only for customers who purchased H&O Immigration’s Paid Products and paid the full service retainer amount.
  • A Refund shall be requested within 7 business days from the date of purchasing the Product.
  • Once a customer has agreed to this Agreement, a Refund Request is void.
  • In no event shall refunds exceed the amount that has actually been paid by users for the credit remaining outstanding to the user and in relation to any relevant Paid Products. The paid fees shall not be refunded in the event that a period of 7 days had passed from the time of the purchase by the user, due to the resources that were already invested by H AND O EMIGRATE DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES with the purchased service and/or no refund shall be given in the event that H&O Immigration at its sole discretion, suspects the user to be in breach of this Agreement or any applicable law.
  • In the event you had purchased H&O Immigration Paid Product using a Credit/Debit card, and H&O Immigration at its sole discretion has approved the refund then we will refund the price of the item returned to the same card. Please note that it may take up to 7-14 business days based on your merchant. If you opted for the Cash on Delivery (COD) service, we will issue you a store credit/money transfer in to the account you insist upon. Store credit is the credit, which you can use for purchasing any Paid Product(s) equivalent to the price of the item(s) you returned. At H&O Immigration, we value the payment you made with us and will provide a refund service as per this Agreement.


The benefit will be valid only under the User’s name. The promotion can be terminated at any given time by the Company and can be availed only for Immigration Visa Services.


If there are any questions regarding the Terms & Conditions, please contact us using the information below:
Email: enquiry@hno.ae
Phone: +971564090229