The European country of Hungary is one of the 15 most popular tourist destinations and its capital city of Budapest is widely viewed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hungary has many geographic wonders including the world’s 2nd largest thermal lake. Along with these tourist attractions, Hungary has a unique culture, stable political climate, relatively low crime rate and booming economic industries and because Hungary has a lot to offer, many investors are looking to this nation as a viable option for financial gain.

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About the Program

Hungarian Entrepreneur Residency program allows foreign nationals to establish a new commercial enterprise in the country in order to obtain temporary Hungarian Residence. Participation in the program is reserved for nationals of non-European Union member states (nationals of EU are eligible to pursue special avenues of entrepreneurship in Hungary). The HER program is particularly attractive to potential investors because Hungary’s commercial enterprise registration process is simple and quick as compared to similar programs administered by other countries. Additionally, the required minimum investment amount under the HER program is relatively modest.

To qualify, foreign entrepreneur must first establish a Hungarian commercial enterprise. There are many different types of company structures to choose from, but the most popular option is the limited liability company (LLC).

Grenada CBI program invites applicants with a good character record and those able to invest in the economic growth of the nation. This citizenship program offers two main investment options. These include, making a non-refundable donation to Grenada’s National Transformation Fund (NTF) or invest in a government-approved real estate, which can be sold to another buyer after 5 years.


  • Age of 18 years old and above
  • Minimum 12th education
  • Locally registered, fully compliant company with bank account and accountancy
  • At least one short visit to Hungary (for opening a bank account)
  • Solid business plan and actual trading activity (in Hungary or Internationally)
  • Must have a rented or purchased accommodation
  • Full travel insurance or (after residency is acquired) local state health insurance
  • Verifiable income from business and or from other resources
  • No criminal record. Certificate must be issued by your local authority (or police)

Investment options


Low corporate tax
EU and Schengen member country
Available to all nationalities
Resident card is valid for 1 year and can be extended for another2years
Eligible to apply for Permanent Residency after 3 years of continuous stay
Cheapest investment in Europe.
€50 000


Process & Timeline

Step 1

Start the Application with Progress (ID Copies,Due Diligence Form,Agrrement Authorization)

Step 2

Assessment/Due Diligence by Hungarian Lawyer Cheklist / Completion Documents

Step 3

- Provide initial docs and send it to lawyer
- visit Hungarian Embassy to sign Company Inc docs and attest
- Company Inc. : Docs sent back to lawyer for company incorporation (Assign a name and nature of business registration)

Step 4

Visit Hungary: AJer Travel on Visit Visa Open Bank account, Virtual Office, Employee, Insurance and Accommodation

Step 5

Running Business before submission for 4 months

Step 6

Submission of Application for TRV with Local Embassy along with
a. Business Plan
b. Application
It will take 30 – 45 days to receive Decision Approval of Visa D

Step 7

Travel to Hungary and collect your residence card from foreigner department within 30 days