Australia is a developed country with a reputation for being welcoming to migrants, having a strong economy with well-paid jobs, and a high standard of living. Experience Australia’s unique culture and great weather.

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Australia is an island, country and a continent. It is one of the largest countries and the smallest continent in the world. It consists of six states and 2 territories- New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, Australia Capital Territory and Northern Territory. It is one of the wealthiest and culturally diverse nations across the world, making it the most desired migration destination.

Immigrants are also attracted to the extremely high quality of life in Australia, as evident by its ranking in the UN Human development index (3rd place). Australia not only offerstop-class education options, amazing lifestyle and advanced career opportunities to its people, but also treats them with stunning scenery and year round good climate.

However, it has a relatively low population, especially in small cities and rural areas, causing a labour shortage. To address this issue, the Australian government have launched immigration programs to bring in skilled talent to the country. Invited immigrants will in turn be rewarded with a path to achieve the right of permanent residence in Australia. Currently, there are three main skilled immigration pathways:

How H&O Immigration Services can help

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One of the most vital aspects of Australian immigration application is to have accurate, up-to-date information and documentation. At H&O Immigration Services, our team of experts ensure that you are always informed and they work meticulously to offer you with a tailored immigration plan to ensure a successful application in the shortest time possible.

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We believe this quality is the key to success in the immigration industry and it has earned us the recognition in the region as the best agency for Australian immigration. We work closely with our clients to create their profiles and help in fine-tuning it, with their full consent. The goal is to showcase our clients’ exceptional skills and talent, so their application is more attractive.

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Our Australian immigration consultants have been trained to represent different types of cases, regardless of its complexity and will be able to provide you with the best guidance and support in all aspects. H&O’s advisors also extend their assistance to education and employment counseling to our clients, where applicable. We help design and construct your resume and cover letter according to Australian employment standards so that you are more likely to land a job you deserve.

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Our services are priced with our customers in mind. We think from our customers’ perspective and offer them thought-through, full solution services with unparalleled rates in the market. Our experienced team at H&O will continue serving you even after you receive your visa, with your settlement and post-landing needs. You will never feel alone with us by your side.