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I had done a lot of research prior to choosing H&O Immigrations to represent my case. I’m so glad I went with them as they used a very personable and patient approach when dealing with my application. Ms. Rincy was my assigned Immigration consultant and I highly recommend her to anyone.

Kerie Reith

H&O for the superb service and unparalleled dedication! I finally decided to redo my Canadian PR application. This time with H&O and I’m proud to say it was a success! In my opinion, it is the best immigration consultant in Dubai & UAE.

Saira Ammad

Ms. Marilyn was my point of contact for our Australian Skilled Immigration. As a customer, we all know we can’t help feeling anxious about our application. However, Ms. Marilyn struck the perfect balance to keep us calm and informed, at the same time ensuring things progressed in the back-end.

Majid Khan

My goal has always been to migrate and settle in Canada with my family. I have worked as an accountant in Dubai for over 5 years. I got my Canadian Work Permit with the help of the H&O team.

Kushal Laddha

H&O Immigration Services has been one of the fastest growing Immigration companies in the MENA region and rightfully so. I have been a UAE resident for over 20 years now and I am a witness. I processed my daughter’s study permit through them and I can vouch for their professional and ethical demeanor.

Priya Khater

The H&O team processed our Canadian SUV, and I can’t think of anyone who could have done a better job. SUV is a complicated process to say the least! And like any layman, we had very limited knowledge despite using our best research abilities. From helping us with a solid business plan, to registering us with a designated organization and making each step seamless, we had no trouble going through it. And today I can confidently say I am not only a Canadian PR, but I have also learned a lot from this experience.

Nadia Menon

Frequently asked questions

  • Relocating to one of the leading countries is the best security you can give yourself and your family. Some of the popular reasons amongst our clients, include:

    • Higher standards of living
    • Better employment opportunities
    • Better healthcare and education systems
    • Greater mobility and visa-free travel
    • Safe and stable political environment
    • Pleasant weather

  • The Canadian government offers over 70 routes to obtaining its Permanent Residency. The different services we provide, include:

    • Express Entry – Fast-track system is designed to select skilled workers for immigration to Canada. It includes the following streams:
      • Federal Skilled Worker Visa (FSW);
      • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP); and
      • Canadian Experience Class Visa (CEC);
    • Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP) – Targets workers in high demand occupations in respective provinces and those with previous connections to the province;
    • Student Visa – Permits you to legally study and work in Canada after graduation;
    • Quebec Skilled Workers Program – This is a stand-alone program conducted in Quebec province only;
    • Quebec Entrepreneur Program – Enables you to establish your own business in Quebec

  • Founded in January 2015 by the Canadian government to manage permanent residence applications of foreign nationals to address the labor force shortages in Canada. The applicants enter a pool and are assigned a CRS score that further determines their chance in getting an invitation to apply. Learn more

  • Use our Free CRS-score calculator tool to get your CRS score.
    The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a ranking system used to assess candidates who apply for the Canadian PR through the Express Entry System. The points allotted are based on factors like educational qualifications, work experience, age, language ability and other factors.

    Ways to Boost your CRS-score:

    • Provincial Nomination +600pts
    • Canadian job offer +50pts to +200pts
    • Canadian post-secondary education +30pts
    • Siblings/Relatives in Canada +15pts
    • French Language skills +50pts

  • The occupations in demand list will be constantly updated according to the labor shortages for each of these countries. Currently, registered nurses, skilled engineers, IT professionals, Finance and Accounting Personnel are some of the jobs needed.

  • Yes, you can apply for a post-graduate work permit that allows you to stay and work for up to 3 years after graduation. Learn more about Canada Study Visa

  • Many participating countries around the world offer a program whereby it allows foreigners to obtain citizenship by investing in a real estate, government bond or making a capital transfer.

  • The investment amount and costs associated vary depending on the country and program. The cheapest Citizenship and Residency by Investment programs start from $100,000 for Dominica and €50,000 for Hungary, respectively.

  • This refers to the luxury of travelling freely to a foreign country without having to apply for a visa.

  • The duration to obtain citizenship depends on the country and program. To obtain a Caribbean or a Turkish citizenship, it can take as little as 3 months. Whereas, for Portugal and Spain, it can take 5 and 10 years, respectively, as you initially will receive a Permanent Residence through investment (within 6 months).